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For Sale
Centec 2A Universal Milling Machine

For Sale: Centec 2A Universal, vertical and horizontal milling machine. This is the model with complete horizontal equipment - overarm, drop bracket and cutter-holding arbor - the Mk.3 vertical head with both fine-feed by handwheel and rapid drilling feeds by a handle and the proper "Universal" swivel table. Little used from new with an unmarked 16" x 4.25" table with vertical and horizontal adjustable table stops, a good machine vice, Clarkson AutoLock chuck and a set of collets, a spare table feed-screw nut and the very useful 4-inch raiser block to lift the vertical head and allow much deeper work to be machined. Single-phase 0.5 h.p. motor with a push-button starter that gives speeds from 85 to 1400 r.p.m. £975 Phone: 01914150181 (Tyne & Wear) Details of Centec milling machines here.

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