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For Sale
Two sets of New Old Stock
Dickson Quick-set Toolholders

For Sale: two genuine Dickson Quick Change Tool-posts and holders marked as made by Crawford Collets. The overall condition appears to be New Old Stock - as there is no wear on either the tool-posts or the holders with the latter appearing t have had a preservative film on them from new. As they have been sitting for some time, they do have some discoloration and spotting
Both have recess mounting-bolt holes with caps to keep the chips out.
First Set:
height of the main block is 95 mm and hence appears to be a Type S3. Complete with three standard holders (with a tool opening of 35 mm) and two Morse taper 3 holders. US$400
Second Set:
Height of the main block is 110 mm and hence appears to be a Type S3-HX. Complete with three standard tool holders (one is missing the height adjuster) with a tool opening of 35 mm and two No. Morse taper 3 holders
Based in the USA, I'm happy to ship world-wide with the buyer paying carriage.
Details of Dickson toolholder, sizes and types here
Please email for further details

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