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For Sale
Myford ML7 Lathe

SOLD: Myford ML7 lathe 3.5" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. In excellent, clean, carefully-used condition, fitted with a single-phase motor, chip tray and complete with: a complete set of change gears, internally-threaded Burnerd three-jaw chuck, the correct 6-inch half-depth body four-jaw independent chuck, graduated handle to leadscrew end, fixed steady, travelling steady, thread-dial indicator, Jacobs tailstock chuck, late-type engraved micrometer dials, boxes of cutting and boring tools, sets of drills, indexible and tool bits, knurling tools, faceplate, catchplate, spare chuck backplate, Morse centres and Morse taper adapters. Every thing need to make an immediate start. £850 
In addition, and open to offers, are numerous measuring and inspections items - micrometers, vernier callipers, a beautiful surface plate with boxed sets of scribing blocks, test-dial indicators, tap and die sets. Many of the items can be seen here
Details of Myford ML7 lathes here

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