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For Sale
Raglan Vertical Milling Machine

SOLD: Raglan vertical milling machine mounted on the correct maker's stand with chip tray, coolant and a LowVo light unit; the floor space taken by the stand being just 24" x 18". Table 21" x 5.5" with travels of longitudinally 12", in traverse 4" and vertically 8.5". The spindle runs in Timken taper roller bearings and has a No.2 Morse taper socket in its nose.
This example is in its maker's original finish and in full working order with smooth slide actions, a clean, unmarked table and with the coolant system built into the stand and controlled by the original switch on the right hand side of the stand - together with a flow-control valve of my own devising. Included with the miller is a Clarkson Autolock chuck with four collets, the Clarkson spanner and a special C-spanner that I made to hold the chuck more securely when changing collets. Electrics include an emergency foot-stop switch in addition to the normal controls on the right hand side of the column. The motor fitted is the maker's optional 2-speed, three-phase type that gives, with the infinitely-variable speed drive, spindle speeds from 380 to 2250 r.p.m.
£850 These milling machines were of exceptional quality and, when new, cost the same as a Myford Super 7 equipped with gearbox and mounted on a cabinet stand.  Details of Raglan milling machines here

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