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For Sale
Downham-Elliott Mini Jig Borer

SOLD: Downham-Elliott Mini Jig Borer/Precision Milling Machine. This superbly-built and super-accurate single-phase machine is ideal for small model, instrument and clock-making work. In excellent working order with no perceptible play in the smoothly-operating slides and quill. The powered down and up feed to the quill is working correctly and, in addition to the standard-fit,  beautifully engraved rulers, it is also equipped with fully working imperial/metric digital readouts on all axes. The two ranges of spindle speed, driven by a simple and reliable belt system, are low from 100 to 1000 rpm and high from 1200 to 4000 rpm. The jig borer comes complete with a set of 14 Imperial Brown & Sharpe 00 collets (missing 3/32 but with some duplicates) and the all-important No.1 Morse taper adapter; the pair of spanners for the collet housing; a keyless drill chuck on No 1 Morse taper shank; an ER16 collet chuck and collets (never used). The original drawer fitted in the cabinet base is still present along with the rack for collets on the inside of the cabinet door.Heavy duty castors have been fitted to the maker's base to allow ease of movement around the workshop. £1850 Details of Downham-Elliott Mini Jig Borers here

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