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For Sale
Simonet Precision Swiss-made Lathe

For Sale: Simonet Type A Toolmakers lathe. A larger-than-usual type from this Swiss company, this is a high-quality backgeared and screwcutting model with a 5-inch centre height and taking 18 inches between centres. It has a 24mm spindle bore and comes fully equipped with: a set of imperial collets, collet drawbar, collet with Morse taper adapter, two 3-jaw chucks, a 4 jaw chuck (all with internal and external jaws), fixed steady, travelling steady and two 'woodworking' chucks or faceplates. Mounted mounted on the original sturdy maker's cast-iron stand with chip tray, drive comes from an underslung, single-phase motor driving a two-speed spindle via a flat belt. Both isolating and reversing switches are fitted. A bevel-gear backgear unit provides slow speeds for threadcutting, large-diameter turning and boring and incorporates a chuck locking pin for tap and die work. 4-position, quick-indexing toolpost and a full set of 16 changewheels that provide both imperial and metric threadcutting is included and fit in their original, labelled housing on the face of the stand. The tailstock is 2 Morse taper with a long, 5-inch travel spindle travel; a ½" Jacobs chuck is included The tailstock is designed to fit alongside the apron so can be advanced close to the workpiece and has a quick-action cam lock. Manual and power feeds to the leadscrew and cross slide with auto knock-off adjustable stops. The cross-slide micrometer dial is large in diameter, clearly engraved and the top slide is the usual very long travel fitted to this class of lathe. Also included are various centres including a live tailstock centre, a centre mounted drive, a die box, some cutting tools, safety glasses and spare drive belt. £1400  Phone: 07775-827262  Details of Simonet lathes here

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