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For Sale
Vintage Drummond B-Type 3.5" Lathe

SOLD: Drummond B-Type flat-bed, 3.5" x 15" gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting and with auto-disengage to the carriage drive; serial No. 11-77 built 1912-1921. In perfect working order - and only two owners from new. The first owner was a development engineer-cum-toolmaker and had the lathe from new until his death in 1968. A number of ingenious and perfectly-engineered modifications were made by the first buyer that improved the lathe out of all recognition; these included: a replacement apron that incorporated rack-and-pinion drive to the carriage; a modified Norman-patent toolpost with micro-screw adjustment of the setting, a belt-driven fine-feed drive (carried on the headstock changewheel fork) that incorporated an in/out clutch, lever-action feed to the tailstock spindle, a micrometer dial on the leadscrew, a superb "through-locked" micrometer dial on the cross-feed screw and a leadscrew swarf guard.
The lathe is well-equipped with Union 3 and 4-jaw chucks, a collet holder and ten collets, a special swivel-base vertical milling slide with the facility to double as the carrier for the included high-speed grinding and milling spindle, a spindle-attached dividing head, faceplate, catchplate, hand T-rest, tailstock chuck and a tailstock die holder. Single-phase motor with push-button starter and a remote bench-mounted countershaft. This is a lovely vintage lathe that works most effectively. £450
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The brown staining is Shell "Ensis" preservative anti-rust treatment