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For Sale
Emco FB2 Vertical Miller

SOLD: Emco FB2 milling machine in superb condition owned by myself, a caring, apprentice trained precision engineer, it was purchased new in 1986. At the time it was a close decision between this or a Tom Senior E type mill - with this chosen primarily for the table power feed option and easy speed change on the geared head versus the Senior's step pulley belt drive and no power feed.
Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with cupboard storage and chip tray, the miller has been little used for just model engineering and remains in superb, pristine condition with an unmarked table. The painted surfaces one so often sees scuffed or chipped have been protected with cork mats and consequently remain in excellent condition.. The miller runs just as it did when new and the imperial feed screws and nuts, although adjustable for wear, have never needed adjustment and have minimal backlash. Located to the column with a long key with gib adjustment, the No. 2 Morse taper head maintains its precise position when moved vertically and has both fine-feed and rapid-action drilling feeds. The genuine Emco power feed unit was fitted from new and the spindle drawbar protective cover is still present.
Complete with all original tools, spanners, the proper Emco dust cover, sales brochure, and user manual.
For transport the machine is easily dismantled into manageable parts and could be moved a hatchback with the seats down. £2750
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