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For Sale
Viceroy (Royal) 250 Shaper

SOLD: a late-model, very little-used (ex-school) 10-inch stroke shaping machine by Viceroy with an excellent specification: a Taylor multi-disc clutch that disengages the drive and allows to motor to keep running; the table has power feed in both directions - vertically as well - and is fitted with a robust machine vice. I've owned this shaper for thirty years, but only used it twice - hence it's in perfect mechanical condition with all the slideways, leadscrews and other moving parts free of wear and the maker's frosting marks still on the slideways (as shown in the photographs below). Running from a 1-phase to 3-phase capacitor bank (though the off switch is faulty) £650
Detailed photographs of an identical Viceroy Royal shaper here and a video of the shaper working here

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