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For Sale
Adcock & Shipley 1ES Milling Machine
- fitted with a Bridgeport ram-type vertical head -

SOLD in immaculate condition and with a wide range of accessories: an Adcock and Shipley 1ES vertical and horizontal milling machine: this is a top-of-the-range model factory fitted with a Bridgeport "J-Type" ram-type, swivelling vertical head with speeds from 67 to 4600 r.p.m. The head has both power down-feed and hand-driven fine and rapid action feeds. Included with the head is the Bridgeport special right-angle adapter and some cutter arbours. The miller has power feed to the 30" x 8" table at rates from 0.24 to 1 mm per resolution of the spindle - the table feeds screws and dials being metric. An Accurite III digital readout is fitted and works on all three axes. The miller has centralised lubrication to the 1ES part of the machine.
Included are all the essential parts and useful accessories: a number of 40 INT horizontal milling arbours and the drop-bracket support (I've never used the miller in the horizontal mode, but have used one previously and, in the slow-speed backgear, are capable of serious metal removal); a range of R8 tooling and collets to fit the Bridgeport spindle, including a nearly new Clarkson type small Autolock collet chuck with metric and imperial collets and a light unit; a good quality but not named, 6-inch diameter rotary table with 4 'T' slots. The table has had a new cursor fitted at the front for easier reading against the degree scale and has been set so that, at 0, the 'T' slots are parallel to the x and y axes. I also had a mounting plate made, surface ground parallel, to raise the rotary table so that the handle cleared the DRO reader on the front edge of the table. An Astra-branded tilting dividing head is also included; approximately 4-inch centre height and fitted with a 4-inch three-jaw chuck - the graduated plate behind the chuck has 36 holes (from memory) to allow simple dividing. It also has the sector arms and handle for compound dividing but I never got around the obtaining division plates. I'll also include a full set of T-nuts, levelling blocks, clamps and clamping bolts and studs.
There is some backlash on the feeds, but when taken up and the digital read out system re-set to zero it has never presented any problems (that's the advantage of a DRO). A second complete and functional Bridgeport head (minus down feed lever and handwheel) is also included--and ideal as source of spares. A very versatile miller, this ES is running on single-phase and so ideal for the smaller workshop. Only selling because the miller is now too large for the nature of the work I do. £2750
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