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For Sale
Myford Super 7B Long-bed Lathe

For Sale: Myford Super 7B long-bed lathe 3.5" x 30" gap-bed, backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed and a single-phase coolant unit. Running from a variable-speed 3-phase motor controlled  from a 1-phase to 3-phase inverter. The original 1-phase motor is also included. The normal speed range is 27 to 2150 r.p.m. but with the inverter speeds from 10 to around 3000 r.p.m. are possible. Burnerd 4-inch 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, the correct half-depth body 6-inch Burnerd independent 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, catchplate, Dixon quick-set toolpost, tailstock chuck, thread-dial indicator, graduated handle to leadscrew end and a spare leadscrew and graduated handle. £2250 Phone: 07796-302259 (Caxton, Cambs) Details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

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