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For Sale
Emco Unimat 3 Accessories

For Sale: a range of Emco Unimat 3 accessories, many complete with their original box and virtually unused: screwcutting (chasing) attachment with two master formers £175; fretsaw/jigsaw attachment £85; grinding wheel attachment £75; sawbench attachment with two saw blades £95; combing attachment with arbor for use on saw table £38; complete swivelling top slide and toolpost £95; fixed steady £45; T-slotted milling/boring table £65; T-slotted radial faceplate (clamping plate) £45; three spare handles for the feed screws £45; attachment (very rare) to tilt the milling table £45; three milling arbors (steel cylinders) £28; ball-turning attachment (non-Unimat but fits Unimat 3 and Taig lathes) £45 - and a faceplate in aluminium for a Unimat SL £20. Would also consider an offer for the whole package. For more details please phone: 01494-449702  Happy to post, insured, UK or world-wide at cost.

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Some high resolution pictures--may be slow to open

Screwcutting Attachment

Combing attachment to fit saw table

Attachment to angle the milling table

Milling arbors--set of three