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For Sale
Delta Rockwell "10-inch" Lathe

SOLD: Delta Rockwell "10-inch" lathe 5" x 26" backgeared, fitted with a twin-tumbler screwcutting and feeds gearbox, power sliding and surfacing feeds (with snap-in-and-out control) and mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with infinitely-variable speed from around 50 to 1500 r.p.m. Rarely found in the UK, this is a high-quality American-made lathe with an excellent specification. Fitted with a large 3-jaw chuck, 6-inch independent 4-jaw chuck, faceplate, catchplate, thread-dial indicator, 4-way toolpost, light unit and chuck guard. Single-phase with push-button starter and emergency stop switch. In good working order, under power and can be demonstrated. £550 Details of Delta Rockwell lathes here

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