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For Sale
Hobbymat MD65 Lathe

SOLD: Hobbymat MD65 65 mm x 300 mm lathe in mint, hardly-used condition and complete with a wide range of accessories including: 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw independent chuck, spare chuck backplate, the rare Hobbymat quick-set toolpost with toolholders, standard toolpost,  angle plate, tailstock rotating centre, tailstock chuck, set of screwcutting changewheels, machine vice, drill grinding jig, set of three flycutters, the maker's dust cover, two precision V-blocks with clamps, two tap and die sets, assorted taps and dies, tap wrench. lots of turning and boring tools, bottle of Rocol cutting fluid and a quantity of bar and flat stock. 1-phase motor with reversing switch. Absolutely everything you need to get started in one package. £525 (the Hobbymat MD65 is essentially the same as the current SU300 Masterturn sold here at £1188 with no accessories) Phone:  01233-812511 (Ashford, Kent)  Details of Hobbymat lathes here
Also available an unused - and complete in its maker's box - Brazing and Welding Set exactly like the one currently on Amazon at £112 but offered for £70 including post. I also have an unused Hilka Pro-craft soldering kit for £15 (pictures below).

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