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For Sale
Myford Super 7B Lathe

For Sale: Myford Super 7B lathe 3.5" x 19" backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. In immaculate, little-used condition, this Super 7B was kept by the first owner inside his house--and I (being unmarried) in my kitchen. Mounted on the Maker's late-type industrial stand with chip tray and levelling blocks and complete with: 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body 6-inch independent 4-jaw chuck, 4-way toolpost, single toolpost and rear toolpost, fixed steady, faceplate, two tailstock chucks, tailstock 2 Morse adapter with headstock thread, bronze drive dogs, Slocombe drills, a collection of turning and boring tools, two bottles of the special spindle oil, a set of anti-vibration height-adjustable feet for the stand (not fitted), light unit, Morse centres, Book of the Myford Series 7, the maker's Operation, Maintenance and parts Manual and other useful paperwork. 1-phase motor with reversing switch. £2995 Phone: 0778-4410001 (North Shields NE29 0PL)
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