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For Sale
Boley "Bevelled-bed" Watchmaker's Lathe
- Copied by the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co. Ltd
and marked for UK Government

For Sale: a complete, boxed, "Boley" watchmaker's lathe of the "bevelled-bed" Type. Almost certainly copied during WW1 for a Government department or the military, it's marked s being made by the Telegraph Construction and Maintenance Co. Ltd and stamped with the broad vertical arrow typical of such items. Unusually, the lathe has survived complete and unmolested with all its accessories in its maker's fitted box. Complete with two beds - one straight the other with a deep gap, a compound screw-feed slide-rest assembly, wire collets, cone collets, a ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck with face-reversible jaws, Jacot drum, self-centring drilling attachment, carrier chuck (drive plate), box chuck and a proper Parvalux variable-speed 1-phase motor. £650 Phone: 01279-810979 (Stansted)  Details of Boley Bevelled-bed lathes and their various brandings and copies here

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