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For Sale
Pollard Corona Pillar Drill

For Sale: late-model Pollard Corona pillar drill in fine, original condition with adjustable forward and reverse tapping facility. I have owned this drill for many years and it has always been kept in my centrally heated workshop. It has a usefully large, unmarked table with two T-slots; the drill head can be slid up and down the column and the counterweighted table also adjusted to allow large workpieces to be very easily positioned. Five speeds from 210 to 1210 r.p.m. 3-phase motor--so ideal for conversion to inverter drive that would add the advantage of higher speeds. These beautifully-made drills usually suffer a hard industrial life, but this has been taken care of and for anyone seeking a quality, British-made drill, look no further! £450
Phone: 01992-677215  Details of some Pollard Corona drills here

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