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For Sale
Mini Jig Borer/Engraver/Router - Make Unknown

For Sale: an unusual and interesting precision mini jig-borer/engraving machine / router (this has no nameplate but I saw one for sale recently with a plate 'Renovated by Andrew Hupfield Ltd., London E.C.3'). The machine was bought a few years ago with the idea of converting it into a profile milling machine by adapting the overhead 'saddle', which carries the motorised spindle and is usually clamped in position, free to move along the dovetail and be 'power fed' by a weight. By fitting the spindle mount with a stylus or guide pin it could then follow a template or pattern when the cross traverse was operated. However, I do not have the time! As it stands, it has enlarged micrometer dials fitted to longitudinal and cross-feed screws. All feedscrews operate smoothly and with little backlash (the longitudinal screw is protected by 'roller blinds' attached to the main carriage and the frame). It has a built-in, 15-inch diameter rotary table with a micrometer dial, graduated on its periphery 0 - 360 degrees and with two shallow jaws for holding thin material. The carriage carrying the rotary table has a cross travel of 12 inches and a movement side to side of centre of around 10 inches. The table has a number of small diameter (1/4 inch or so) tapped holes for use with small clamping devices. The cross-head carries a spindle in a bearing housing mounted on a vertical dovetail slide that can be moved up and down by a lever; this has a counterbalance weight fitted so the spindle automatically rises when the lever is released. The spindle housing also has a depth stop and screw feed. Able to run at high speeds the spindle is fitted with a small chuck to take ¼ inch or thereabouts cutter shanks and has been used in the past as a router. The whole machine is very much like an overgrown BCA type jig borer and would be ideal for making and engraving clock faces. It stands about 5 feet high and has a footprint of about 3 feet x 3.5 feet. It dismantles easily but the parts are much too heavy for me to lift in my delicate state of health, I fitted castors to help move it around. Single phase motor fitted - a previous owner (or Andrew Hupfield) -made a motor mount to fit on the cross-head behind the spindle - a bit crude but it works. Comes with a number of cutters and small clamps. £675
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