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Juvenia Precision Lathe - Switzerland

SOLD: Juvenia Precision Bench lathe 4" x 20" One of the more exclusive, very high quality Swiss-made precision plain turning lathes, this example is fitted with changewheel-driven "Chase screwcutting". I bought this as a 'project' but, as I already have too many, its never likely to be finished.
The bed has two inverted 'V's' and vertical flat face with, unusually, full-length 'T' slots at both the front and rear to mount accessories. The headstock has a 4-step pulley to take a wider-than-usual flat belt with the rear face of the large pulley having two rows of 'division' holes which are engaged by an adjustable pin. The spindle nose is threaded for a chuck and bored to accept collets and a chuch backplate supplied - but no collets. The left-hand end of the spindle is fitted with a gear to drive a thread chasing attachment. The cross slide is of the "toolmaker" type with screw-feeds, metric micrometer dials, a swivelling top slide, an "American" adjustable toolpost and the leading edge corner of the slide has the usual marks from the chuck being run into it...The tailstock has a metric ruler-graduated barrel and is clamped to the bed by a lever operating an eccentric 'T' bolt.The thread-chasing attachment (details of this high-precision system here) bears a remarkable similarity to that found on American Cataract lathes and is mounted on the rear vertical face of the bed. As with the Cataract device, the buttress-thread 'feedscrew' has its own thread hob built-in so new thread followers can be cut when needed. Included are a number of change wheels, a few with chipped or missing teeth. £475 or offers.
Details of Juvenia lathes here

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