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For Sale
Myford M-Type Lathe

SOLD: Myford-Drummond M-Type lathe 3.5" x 16" gap-bed backgeared and screwcutting and fitted automatic disengage to the carriage feed. Serial number J2044 denotes manufacture at Myford Beeston works in 1945. In very good condition throughout - previously little used in an automotive workshop--and ready to use again immediately. Equipped with a robust toolpost, a selection of  screwcutting changewheels 20T +20T+30T +30T+35T+38T +40T +60T +65T +73T and a blank spacer gear, 4-inch 3-jaw Burned chuck, catchplate, Morse centres and a half-centre. The drive is from a single-phase motor through a heavily-built countershaft with Pollard self aligning bearings and adjustment for belt tension. A spare drive belt is included as is the complete set of literature for the M-Type as sold by A Yahoo group for owners and operators of Drummond lathes has over 1000 subscribers and may be of interest to a future owner. £350. Details of Myford M-type lathes here

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