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For Sale
1902 Drummond Lathe - the very first type

SOLD: 1902 Drummond 3.5" x 15|" lathe. The very first of its type identifiable by the very slight curve along the lower edge of its bed beneath the headstock; a "braced" headstock with pinch bolts passing below the bearings and a single swivelling tool slide. Mounted on the original maker's cast-iron stand with flywheel treadle drive, this being fitted with both rim edge and smaller, central grooves for both low and high-speed drives. Complete with all the screwcutting changewheels, the stud to generate left-hand threads and a 3-jaw chuck. Stored away in 1940, it has remained unused since. Not abused, it has remained absolutely original and needs just a simple cosmetic restoration - it will make a most interesting project. Easily dismantled to fit in even a small car. £295 £295 Phone: Details of these early Drummond lathes here

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