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For Sale
A collection of Vintage Machine Tools

Drummond 3.5-inch treadle lathe 1905
Unnamed antique treadle wood lathe circa 1870--1890
Booth Brothers of Dublin: Antique, treadle plain-turning metal lathe
Manchester Rapidor hacksaw
Pollard-type swan-neck pillar drill
Hand-operated mortising machine
All in original, unmolested condition - but long-term unused and need of at least cosmetic restoration
Drummond treadle 3.5-inch lathe 1905
complete with a compound slide rest a set of screwcutting changewheels, drive dogs and other small parts. £275
Unnamed antique treadle wood lathe circa 1870 to 1890.  £175
Booth Brothers of Dublin - a very rare antique treadle metal lathe with metal-turning slide rest. £275
Pollard-type swan-neck pillar drill. £95
Manchester Rapidor  hacksaw
with single-phase motor. £95
Manually operated mortising machine circa 1900 £95
Stand mounted electric drill £35
In addition there is a collection of very useful general workshop tools, double-ended grinders, electric motors and other odds and ends offered to buyers of the machines.
Items located in Kirkcudbright, Scotland (postcode DG6).

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