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Drummond Admiralty B Type Lathe
- with power cross feed -

: Drummond Admiralty B Type 1919 3.5" x 15" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting, fitted with power sliding and surfacing feeds from a separate power shaft and mounted on the maker's treadle stand.  I acquired this lathe from the grandson of it's original purchaser - its only owner from new in 1919. Having worked on five other B Types including two Admiralty versions, I can say with confidence that this is the most original, unmolested Drummond that one is ever likely to find. With the lathe are the original tender documents, correspondence with the War Office Disposals department, Drummond Brothers and tool suppliers Brooke Tool Manufacturing Co Ltd  of Birmingham (eleven sheets in total). A very careful and sympathetic restoration was carried out with the aim of preserving the original paint and cleaning and polishing as appropriate. All moving parts have been dismantled, inspected and re-commissioned for use. Set screws and fittings show the lightest of wear and tear, none having been replaced with Allen bolts or the like. The bed is sound and serviceable with very light wear. Treadle powered via a leather round belt with original - and now very rare -  threaded hook and eye clips. The 1-Morse taper spindle in the tailstock is in as new condition giving a satisfying pop on extraction. Accessories include: a full set of changewheels and their proper cast-iron storage stand; travelling steady; tumble reverse assembly; hand T-rest; faceplate;  Pratt 1-Morse taper 2-jaw tailstock chuck; 3-jaw Pratt chuck and a 4-jaw half-depth body chuck (the chucks are all USA made WW2 imports) half- and full Morse centres; a set of carbon-steel tool bits stamped "Drummond" and a further set stamped "Geo. Adams"; some pos HSS drill stock; spare taper pins and a reamer; a set of Slocomb USA centre drills in their original index container and, if required, a modern Crompton 1/2 h.p. motor. £575
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