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For Sale
Myford VMA Vertical Milling Head

For Sale: Myford VMA Vertical Milling Head and T-slotted boring table - removed from a Myford 254.
As I have a vertical milling machine, the VMA head from my new 254 is surplus to requirements. This head was also used on the Myford Super 7 and ML7 and could be retro-fitted to one of those. All-geared and oil-bath lubricated, the No. 2 Morse head is fitted with a standard Myford spindle-nose thread, tilts 90° in each direction from upright, turns through 180° on its vertical axis and moves up and down through 314 mm. The quill has a travel of 40 mm by either a quick-action drilling lever or fine feed by a handwheel. Six spindle speeds of  130, 200, 370, 700, 1100 and 2000 r.p.m. Little used and in perfect working order, 1-phase motor with a safety, no-volt release push-button starter.  £950 Phone: 01509-554997
Details of the Myford VMA head and the various fittings

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