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For Sale
Dore Westbury Vertical Milling Machine

SOLD: Dore Westbury vertical milling machine fitted with a 3-axis DRO (with two live). Designed to offer the maximum versatility for the model engineer, and to accommodate both large and small jobs, this Dore Westbury is in excellent original condition and full working order. Carried on the end of a horizontal ram that can be slide in and out and rotated, the No. 2 Morse taper spindle has a standard Myford nose thread. The quill is moved by both a quick-action drilling lever and, through worm-and-wheel gearing, a fine-feed handwheel with micrometer dial. Equipped with multiple T-slots, the table is driven by feed screws with very large micrometer dials. The head has the slow-speed epicyclic gearbox fitted and a Modeloy collet chuck with three imperial collets. Mounted on a substantial wooden stand and equipped with a 1-phase motor and push-button starter. £795 or, without the DRO £575 
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