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For Sale
Stevens Precision Miniature Milling Machine

For Sale: a special, one-off John Stevens vertical milling machine intended for fine horological and similar work. The miller incorporates a variety of extra movements and table fittings and is designed to be as versatile as possible, allowing the head to be positioned not only in a variety of ways but also to have an extended range of travels. The miller consists of a compound slide rest, topped by a separate T-slotted table, a built-in vice and detachable round drilling table. The head - which takes 8 mm collets - is mounted on a swivelling T-slotted slide (along which it can be moved) the whole assembly able to be moved up and down and swivelled around the supporting column. Drive is from a 12-volt DC variable-speed motor. Table travel is around 3 inches in each direction, the machine stands around 12 inches high and can be dismantled into its component parts for posting (pictures of the individual parts are at the bottom of the page). Also included is a set of collets, twelve boxes of horological drills, a rotary table, angle plate,  some bar and other metal stock, fine-pitch taps and dies and a light unit. £1250  Phone: 07833-985003 Phone: 07833-985003  Details of Stevens milling machines here

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