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For Sale
Lorch Watcmaker's Lathes

For Sale: two Lorch watchmaker's lathes and a set of large turns all held within a fitted box and complete with an astonishingly wide range of accessories - the main ones consisting of a huge number of collets - wire, cone and fir-tree, a vertical slide with a high-speed milling and grinding head, compound screw-feed slide rest, pump-centre faceplate and 3 and 6-jaw high-precision ring-scroll 3-jaw chucks. An examination of the box's contents show it to contain virtually everything a watch repair or maker would need to pursue his or her craft. £1900 or near offer. I'm happy to pack securely and ship world-wide at cost. Phone: 01803-664602 or 0750-3660568 (Paignton, Devon)

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