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For Sale
CVA Type 79 Toolroom-class Vertical
Milling Machine

SOLD: CVA Type 79 Vertical Milling Machine - refurbished. I have spent a considerable amount of time on this high-quality machine tool. Everything has been apart and thoroughly cleaned and stripped followed by a full repaint in grey cellulose. The slides are good and everything moves like it should with a solid feel. The 3 h.p. NECO flange-mount motor has been overhauled: cleaned internally with re-insulated windings, new bearings and the alloy pulleys repaired. In addition all the electrics have been overhauled with new wiring a period MEM safety, no-volt-release switch with a Radette isolator switch and the correct galvanised and corrugated wiring tubes.
The quill has been fully reworked with the bearing surface on the mandrel ground true and hard-chrome plated to restore the original dimensions. The quill bush has been reground in the bore to bring everything back within tolerance. Even the "worsted trimmings" within the quill that feed the bearing through wicks have been replaced correctly and the system works perfectly. The oil is wicked through the bearing and caught below in a can for re-use. I've also made the correct spindle end nut/drawbar thrust washer and compensating spring- items often missing on these millers. 
Equipment includes an Abwood vice with soft jaws, a brand-new, old-stock 3 Morse taper Clarkson Autolock chuck and a 3 Morse taper ABC precision boring head. Ready to run and do good work again. £650 Details of CVA millers here

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