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For Sale
Emco Maximat V10 Lathe with
Powered Vertical Milling Head

SOLD: Emco Maximat V10 lathe 5" x 25" mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with chip tray and storage cupboard. Specification includes an all-geared headstock, the maker's built-on powered vertical milling head (with a No.2 Morse taper spindle) and a full screwcutting and feeds gearbox together with what is believed to be the maker's metric threading transposing set consisting of a further set of changewheels and a second mounting bracket and studs. Eight spindle speeds from 60 to 2500 r.p.m. driven by a 2-speed, 1-phase motor and built-in switchgear. Graduated micrometer collars to the leadscrew, tailstock spindle and leadscrew end. Complete with a genuine Emco rotary table and three division plates, a large T-slotted cross slide that also acts a table for milling, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, 4-way and single toolposts, thread-dial indicator, a chuck for the milling head, tailstock chuck, two tailstock rotating centres, chuck guard (not fitted), spare V and toothed belts and a selection of turning and boring tools. Unused for some time so a little stained - but only used for model engineering and so in excellent mechanical condition and with a perfect bed. £1750 Full details of these robust and versatile lathes can be found here

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