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For Sale
Drummond M-Type "Knee-Planer" Lathe

For Sale: Drummond M-Type "Knee-planer" lathe from the 1930s. 3.5" x 16" gap-bed, backgeared, screwcutting, quick height-set toolpost and automatic of the sliding power feed. This seldom-found version is complete with the maker's stand, the correct chip tray with motor mount, the under-slung drive motor with gear and the gear-equipped flywheel. Dismantled into the main elements for ease of  storage - but all there less the foot-treadle. Complete with two 3-jaw chucks, large faceplate, a set of screwcutting changewheels and a hand T-rest. Assemble and use - or restore to have a rare example of an interesting and useful lathe. £450 Phone: 01835-822488 (Melrose) Details of Drummond M-type lathes here

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