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For Sale
Ames Triplex Multi-function Machine

For Sale: a wonderful Ames "Triplex" Multi-function Machine Tool. Built in the United States by the Ames Company - well known for their high-precision machine tools - the design of the "Triplex" is unique - enabling it to be used as milling machine, co-ordinate driller, horizontal borer and lathe. Very expensive when new - the price of a Chevy Roadster or three South Bend lathes - a few example were imported into Great Britain during WW2 and sent to experimental stations and (at least one) to the British Tabulating Company (BTM) - makers of the mechanical "Bombes" used in the Colossus computer at Bletchley Park during WW2. Mounted on the maker's cast-iron stand this example is long-term unused and in need of simple recommissioning. A tailstock is included--but not shown in the pictures. £1750
Phone: 0161-480-9973 or 07545-440587 (Stockport, Cheshire)
Details of theTriplex and its amazing versatility can be seen here - spread over three linked pages

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