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For Sale
Elliott Omnimil 00 Universal Miller

SOLD: a late-model Elliott Omnimil Model 00 universal milling machine with a 30 INT horizontal spindle and a No. 3 Morse vertical. This compact yet highly versatile turret-type machine has both vertical and horizontal modes. Spindle speeds for the swivelling vertical head (that can also be moved in and out) range from 200 to 3600 r.p.m. The table, with 8 rates of electric power feed (as fitted to only late-model versions), measures around 28" x 7" . Items included consist of: the horizontal cutter arbor, Autolock collet chuck and a horizontal cutter guard. 3-phase electrics. (the ball knobs on the down-feed spider are now in place) and copy of the makers Operation and Parts Manual. All the various bearings have been replaced - vertical and horizontal spindles, table-lift thrust etc., and new belts and oiling/greasing nipples fitted. £1450
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