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For Sale
Mikron Precision Lathe

SOLD: a collection of Mikron T90 precision bench lathes, accessories, parts and tooling. The items are:
A Mikron T90 lathe on the maker's original stand with the correct countershaft. Fitted with infinitely variable speed drive plus a large collection of associated Mikron T90 accessories including:-
Two headstocks Type 8 plus one for spares
Headstock Type 11 'dead length' with lever-operated collet draw tube (shown on stand)
Headstock Type 18 'large bore' with approximately 72 matching collets and choice of lever or normal draw-tube closing
Standard compound slide Type 21
Standard compound slide Type 21a
Lever-operated compound cut-off slide Type 25
Screw-operated cut-off slide Type 23 (shown on stand)
Two tailstocks Type 38
A beautiful turret / capstan unit Type 35 with cross-slide (shown on stand)
Around 200 standard imperial and metric collets
T90 short lathe bed No. 6 (750 mm long)  recently reground complete with its original swarf tray;
No 1 standard 900 mm bed.
Spare No. 1 beds with an extra 65 mm of length to mount the lever-operated collet closer.
4" Burnerd Three jaw chuck with inside and outside jaws, plus three backplates and a faceplate.
Various items of turret tooling
Hand-turning rest No. 47
Fixed steady No. 65
There are enough items to make at least two complete lathes with a flexible set-up

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