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For Sale
Boxford Lathe

SOLD: Boxford Model C lathe 4.5" x 24" backgeared and screwcutting. Mounted on the maker's stand with chip tray this Boxford is well equipped with a mass of tooling - everything shown in the pictures - that includes: 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, a genuine Boxford 4-way toolpost, chuck guard, three tailstock chucks, tailstock die holder, masses of taps, dies, reamers and drills. A vernier caliper, sets of standard calipers, cutting and boring tools including Jones & Shipman tool holders and a parting blade holder, knurling tools, milling cutters, sets of reamers, arbor with slitting saws, drive dogs, a useful quantity of bar and other metal stock, Morse centres and Morse taper adapters, V-blocks, hand vices, hand T-rest - plus all the small parts in boxes and tins stacked on the shelves. 1-phase motor with Stanton reversing switch. There may be other items as well £1250 Details of Boxford lathes here

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