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For Sale
Heinemann (Selig Sonnenthal) Planing Machine

For Sale: a rare and very useful "open-sided" planer made in Germany by the Heinemann Company circa 1885-1900 and sold in the UK as a Selig Sonnenthal. Like all small planers this has the ability to form a flat surface on large workpieces with low-cost tooling. Originally hand-operated, the planer has been sympathetically motorised, with a countershaft bolted to its rear and is in otherwise original condition (including what is left of the maker's paint finish). The machine incorporates a number of very ingenious and patented mechanical devices including parts of the remarkable table drive mechanism, these being stamped M.Hass Patent* - an important part of the machine and one that drew comments in the English Mechanic & World of Science Magazine of 1887 where it was described as the: Eureka (Hass' patent). In response to a reader's enquiry the reply stated:  61211  Planing Machine.  You can't make your planer like the so-called Eureka (Haas' patent) because the clutches are, firstly, patented and, secondly, difficult to make).
This is an ideal machine for the smaller workshop with 19½" X 8¾" table having had 15 inches of travel and able, because of its open-sided design to take wide jobs. £650  Phone: 01622-532934 Full details of these planers can be found here (the first machine shown on the page is the one for sale) and details of Heineman machines here 

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