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For Sale
Centec 2C Universal Milling Machine

SOLD: late-model Centec 2C Milling Machine with vertical and horizontal capacity and a power-feed table. This Centec is one of the last made and the most highly developed. Vertical head with both fine and quick action feeds. Both horizontal and vertical spindles are 30 INT (instead of ordinary No. 2 Morse). Drive from motor to speed-change gearbox converted to a smooth-running Poly-V type. All the horizontal equipment is included, horizontal arbor, drop bracket and the correct, late-type deeper and stronger overarm. Complete with a Clarkson Auto-lock chuck and both metric and Imperial collets and a KN chuck with metric collets. 3-phase electrics so ideal for variable-speed inverter drive (it's set up that way at the moment). A high-quality, British built machine of great versatility. £1850 Phone: Details of Centec milling machines here

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