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For Sale
Benson Precision Screwcutting Lathe.

For Sale: Benson 3.75" x 20" Precision Screwcutting lathe mounted on a good metal stand with the drive system enclosed neatly within and storage stage. Backgeared, screwcutting, power cross feed, taper-turning attachment, large, zeroing micrometer dials and equipped with a genuine Benson "Overhead" drive to run toolpost-mounted high-speed milling and grinding spindles. Accessories include: 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, 6-inch 4-jaw independent chuck, set of standard and stepped collets with drawbar, vertical milling slide with spindle, Fixed steady, a high-speed milling and grinding spindle, radius-turning attachment, 4-way toolpost, standard toolpost, T-slotted faceplate, tailstock chuck, hand T-rest, set of screwcutting changewheels, thread-dial indicator and a spare chuck backplate. 1-phase electrics. £650 Phone: 01784-437990  Nottingham-made, Benson manufactured superb quality, high-precision machine tools - details of their range can be found here.

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