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For Sale
Myford Super 7B Lathe

SOLD: Myford Super 7B lathe 3/5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. Mounted on the maker's industrial cabinet stand with levelling blocks and a full-length splashback. Fitted with a high-quality Mitsubishi inverter giving variable speed drive. Equipped with: fixed steady, 3-jaw chuck, faceplate, boxed Moore & Wright precision level, boxed Chesterman precision level, Magnetic base with Miutoyo dial gauge, a magnetic base with articulated arm, thread-dial indicator, boxed 2" - 6" micrometer, set of reamers by Dormer, graduated handle to leadscrew end, tailstock rotating centre, tailstock chuck, the maker's Operation & Maintenance Manual, Screwcutting Gearbox Manual and a Manual for the inverter. Still in its maker's factory paint finish, this Super 7 appears to have had an easy life. Room needed so a bargain price: £1475 Details of Myford Super 7 lathes here

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