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For Sale
Centec 2A Universal Milling Machine

SOLD (within a week…) : a fine example of a Centec 2A vertical and horizontal milling machine mounted on the maker's larger, full cabinet stand with built-in coolant equipment. This machine has survived in extraordinarily good condition and is in full working order. Complete with a late-type swivelling Mk. 3 Head with a 30 INT taper and both fine and quick-action quill feeds (both along the spindle axis allowing great versatility in setting) and power feed to the table. All the horizontal equipment is intact - overarm, arbor and drop bracket - and the table has both screw and quick-action lever feeds  A variety of tools are also included: Clarkson Autolock chuck and collets and a variety of milling cutters - please see pictures. Single-phase electrics. £1350 Details of Centec milling machines here

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