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For Sale
Colchester Student Lathe

SOLD: Colchester Student Lathe with a dual English/metric screwcutting gearbox. Privately owned since 1998, still in its maker's original paint and with only occasional light use - this Student in very good order. Fitted with the superior (and rare) improved electrical system with a 2-speed 3-phase motor and "third-rod" control to start and stop the spindle. Complete with taper turning, coolant equipment,  full-length stand splashback, 7.5-inch 3-jaw chuck, 12-inch 4-jaw chuck, 12-inch faceplate, 4-way toolpost, rear toolpost on T-slotted raiser block, tailstock chuck, thread-dial indicator and the maker's detailed Instruction, Maintenance and parts Manual. £1250.

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