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For Sale
Myford ML7 Long-bed Lathe

For Sale: Late-model Myford ML7 long-bed lathe 3.5" x 31" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. Purchased from the Myford factory as a rebuild-as-new machine, it is still in its storage grease and has never been run. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with deep chip tray and raiser blocks and complete with its standard equipment including: 1-phase motor with Dewhurst reversing switch, new 3-jaw chuck, faceplate, catchplate, set of screwcutting changewheels, Morse centres, a new Myford oil gun, the correct spanners and the maker's operation, maintenance and parts manual. All long-bed ML7 lathes were fitted with Super 7 cross and top slide units with their extra travel and zeroing micrometer dials. £2750 (it cost £3840) Details of Myford ML7 lathes here

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