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For Sale - Bellow Shaper

For Sale:  Bellow Shaper supplied by M. C. Layton Ltd.  96 - 98 Victoria Street.  SW1. London. A most unusual and interesting machine.
Specification and approximate dimensions:
Stroke adjustable between 2 ½" - 6 ½"
Ram adjustment range 6"   tool slide travel 2 ½"
Work table powered horizontal travel 8"   Work Table vertical travel by hand 4"
½ hp 1400 rpm 1-phase motor
3 speeds via 2 flat belts
Slow 40 strokes/minute  Medium 60 strokes/Min  Fast 80 strokes/Min
Dimensions -   Length  28" (700 mm) Width 22" (560 mm)  Height 47" (1200 mm)  Weight 3 cwt (150 kg)
Being sold on behalf of a Model Engineering club, the shaper was recovered from a store after the key holder had passed away and its origins and maker are unknown. It may, possibly have a one-off machine for a special purpose.
The design is extremely unusual: the ram's reciprocating motion being generated by a crankpin adjustable in a slot integral with a large bevel-gear that provides the main speed reduction.  Construction is with traditional materials - cast iron for all the castings, gear wheels and pulleys, mild steel for all the shafts and lead screws. All the threads appear to be Whitworth The top section houses a bevel gear reduction drive and the ram slideway on the top. A dovetail vertical slideway at the front carries a horizontal slideway to which is attached the swivelling "work box" with T-slots on its top and both side faces. Four bolts secure the upper housing to a lower section that holds the motor and layshaft assembly. The whole things comes apart for easy transport.. Showing signs of only light use the machine is in the Portsmouth/Southampton area. £85 Further details from Martin Gearing on 01489-894399.  If no reply please leave a message and your call will be returned (to a land line only).

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